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Measurement Technology For Demanding Customers: This Is What Tero Vido Detectors Look Like

Measurement Technology For Demanding Customers: This Is What Tero Vido Detectors Look Like

Imagine that, one day, you take your metal detector and head for your destination target, in this case, a forest, and your purpose is to find gold and be 100% sure of the value of that which you have detected, even before proceeding to excavate. target Ambitious, isn't he? It was precisely this goal that a group of young engineers set out to create Tero Vido. 

The brandGerman company has focused its attention on researching, developing, and marketing geophysical and ground-based radar measuring instruments, which are now reaching every country in the world with success stories: satisfied gold hunters who have even acquired customized proposals designed by the company brand.

Tero Vido products are created for demanding customers, through the use of different devices and experiences. He knows a little more about them.



Great depth and accuracy in every search

In addition to detecting metals, do you want to find bunkers, graves, tunnels or other empty spaces? With Tero Vido 3D System it's easier to do it.

The measurement technology and development of the brand ensures accurate measurement when searching for treasure. Among its strengths is its great power of deep penetration (more than 18 meters), and a multilingual user interface from which the user gets all the information that interests him, and even discards one target over another (Tero Vido 3D System tells the user, with 100% accuracy, if it has found gold, silver, copper, or any other element).

The device, which is also available in two other versions: basic plus version and pro version, has accessories such as software tablet, sensor, charging cable, user manual, among other items.

Another of the products of the brand is the Pulse induction, of the TVPI Series. This detector is pointed out by the brand as one of the most sensitive and modern in the world market, and more accurate to hunt treasures easily: from coins, rings, and all kinds of jewelry, to nuggets, gold sand, gold and more.

In addition, it has special filters that allow minimizing any kind of interference in the search. According to it brand on its website, "this is the result of three years of research and development work in cooperation with universities, measurement laboratories and treasure hunters.".

Professional archaeologists and engineers find in the Tero Vido Expander a great ally for those moments where digging is part of the task. This 3D detector is lightweight, easy to use, small and yet robust, idea to work with a tablet and software created by the company.



We Detector Poweralso offer a wide range of treasure detectors of excellent quality, ideal for your search project. Contact us through our online chat and, if you place an order over $299.99 USD, you will receive the product without shipping costs.

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