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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Using A Water Detector

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Using A Water Detector

Even before to get the water detector you've been looking for, you should consider certain things you may not have considered before, and maybe read in our article more about how it works.

That's why with this article, we have several questions for you to ask yourself to help you decide what kind of water detector would be best for your hunting habit.

Questions to ask before purchasing a water detector

  • Where do you plan to use your water detector?
  • Will you be in salt or fresh water?
  • What's the best guy for you?
  • What accessories do you need?
  • How much do you want to spend?

While you may not be able to say exactly where you plan to use your detector, you usually know whether you plan to walk on the beach (with salt or fresh water), wade in the water, or plan to dive to see wrecks. Perhaps you are planning to use the same detector on land and in the water?

If you are going to use your metal detector near salt water, for example, you should plan to buy an IP detector.

You can use a VLF, but make sure it has a saltwater mode.

If you're going to dive, make sure the depth rating (how deep you can use it - not how deep the ground you'll be searching - is deep enough for where you plan to use it).

As a diver, you may want to make sure that any model you choose has a short diving pole to make your search more comfortable.

Other accessories you may want to consider are headphones so you can easily hear the tones of objects that are deep and also help block out surrounding noise.

Most underwater detectors have a waterproof headset with the metal detector.

A bag to carry your water detector, sand ladles, and a sieve will make the treasure hunt easier and more fun.

Anyway, we left you with two options you might want to check out:

Garrett AT Pro


From dry, dusty deserts to wetlands, swamps, and more, the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is the versatile, all-terrain metal detector that will take you through almost any search environment.

With a waterproof housing up to 10 feet (3 meters), the AT Pro also features an 8.5"x11" search coil, high-resolution audio and iron discrimination, 0-99 ID digital orientation and Pro-Mode audio.

Makro Multi Kruzer


The Kruzer will bring hunting sites back to life by offering the best performance and depth combined with its robust and waterproof design.

You're a beach hunter? We don't forget about you either! The Kruzer features a new advanced beach mode that provides very stable performance on the wet salt beach and even underwater.

With 11x7" DD waterproof coil, Wireless Headset - Blue Edition.

If you found this article useful, write to our live chat for more information, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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