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The Incredible Treasures You Can Find With A Long-Range Detector

The Incredible Treasures You Can Find With A Long-Range Detector

Incredible treasures! That's exactly what abounds in different destinations around the world. They are mostly hidden treasures, buried, and accumulate hundreds of years waiting for some lucky person to find them. Don't you think so? Read on and find out more.

An emblematic discovery took place in 2015 when a group of historians, anthropologists, and professional treasure detectors found at the bottom of the Caribbean waters the Spanish Empire galleon named San José, built in 1698. More than eleven million gold and silver coins were found inside, as well as ceramic and porcelain pieces of immense value. It was a case of great renown that was reported in the media and turned to the pages of universal history.

However, this is not a unique case, as it is estimated that there are at least 1000 boats at the bottom of the sea as the galleon of San Jose, waiting to be found.

Undertaking a journey to the depths of the sea in order to hunt magnificent treasures is not a common task in our routine, however, in Detector Powerwe have a wide range of long-distance detectors that by their effectiveness and competition in the market, will help you find the pieces of gold that you would like so much to have.

In this article, we present two potentials devices that you can acquire today. With the use of any of them, you can be the one who finds the next great treasure lost over the years.

Gold Aks LR-TR 2019: more than 93% treasure hunt effectiveness

Are you interested in treasure hunting? With this device one you can make it. The Gold Aks LR-TR is the star model Detector Power, created for demanding customers and with characteristics that make it the market leader.

The first version of this product was released in 2017 and is now available in an improved version. It has everything necessary for the processing of electromagnetic signals that are received through a chip incorporated in the device.

How is this model composed? It has a main unit and another control unit, wall and car charger, 6 antennas, warranty card, anti-fraud control, depth measurement button, and an accuracy in the device of up to 93.8%, an important data that has helped the positioning of this product in the market.

However, the offer Detector Power is much wider with models that facilitate the discovery of all types of metals even in the most remote places.

GER Detect DeepSeeker: 5 systems in one device highly effective

The most complete metal detection system, that's just what you can find in Detector Power, ideal for professional or novice treasure hunters searching tunnels, caves and other underground spaces.

Deep Seeker is a model that integrates in itself more than five different systems whose high effectiveness allows users:

  • Locate treasures up to 3000 meters away and 40 meters deep using a screen.
  • Find gold pieces even when they have been underground for a long time, thanks to their ionic field search systems.
  • Scan the layers of the earth and convert the search into 3D images to detect gold, silver, and other metals.
  • Find magnetic metals such as iron and its derivatives.
  • Detect cavities, something possible thanks to the support of a screen that emits alerts when you are in front of space like these, underground.

Deep Seeker is available in six different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic, works on all types of terrain, has a digital compass, two-year warranty, and more.

Both this model and the AKS LR-TR 2019 are devices that you can buy online. Have questions? Write to us in our online chat, we serve you in English and Spanish.

If your purchase is over $299.99, we will send you the product for free.

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