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The World's Best Gold Detector: OKM's ExP 6000 Pro Plus

The World's Best Gold Detector: OKM's ExP 6000 Pro Plus

If you're an avid treasure hunter, we bet you've always imagined yourself as Indiana Jones, searching for treasure and uncovering ancient artifacts. OKM is your gold detector to go if you want to feel like you were starring in a Steven Spielberg film.

OKM's ExP 6000 Pro Plus will improve your hunting sessions with its unique 3D imaging system for scanning and tracking underground metals, relics, and precious stones.

This tech makes it one of the top-rated metal detectors for gold metal prospecting.

Treasure Detector & Gold Detector in One

You can use OKM's ExP 6000 Pro Plus to search for gold or any other valuable items you might find in an old building or underwater shipwreck. These are five features you can't miss:

  1. The ExP 6000 Pro Plus offers up to 30 meters (50 feet) depth detection to get accurate scans of your dig site showing any buried treasures' location.
  2. The OKM ExP 6000 Pro Plus kit has a single lightweight adjustable carbon ergonomic wand for finding hidden items and pinpointing them more precisely, thanks to its GPS Receiver.
  3. Detects all kinds of items with the four attachable probes: Ground Scan, Magnetometer, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan, Tunnel Scan, and Live Stream. Customize your settings whether you are at entry level or a gold prospector; a topographer, or an archeologist.
  4. The wireless equipment includes a full-color touchscreen and Video Eye Glasses. This unique tech displays a real-time image to ease the underground detection of precious objects.
  5. You can also use the Software Visualizer 3D Studio Professional Edition app on your smartphone to download data from previous scans onto a map or share them with other users.


The ExP 6000 Pro Plus has a versatile Graphic User Interface (GUI). Its Ground Scan and Tunnel Scan are handy for topographic studies.

The ExP 6000 Pro Plus is more than a gold detector. It provides a unique experience through visualizing artifacts and underground cavities in 3D and real-time streaming.

OKM: Innovation in Gold Locators

Ortungstechnik Krauss und Mueller (OKM) is a German company that manufactures and sells metal detectors and ground-penetrating radars worldwide.

OKM is best known for its long history of producing high-quality products, with 24 years under its belt. Its developments over the last years were awarded the "Best Archeology and Geotechnology Engineering Company of the Year 2021".

OKM has set another breakthrough in the precious metal detector industry. The ExP 6000 Pro Plus 3D imaging system has set the bar very high for other competitors.

The Best Underground Water Detectors in the U.S.

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