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Tips For Finding More And Better Treasures On Beaches

Tips For Finding More And Better Treasures On Beaches

Welcome (if you are a beginner) to this exciting activity: search for "treasures" on the beaches of your country and the world. You do it once... and - believe me - you'll want to do it a hundred times more!

From my experience, I can give some advice:

  • Perform your searches in as much solitude as you can. Even if you go in the winter season when there are no holidaymakers... you are always surrounded by curious people, sometimes children who disperse you, ask questions and alter your concentration.
  • Not just any beach is the same. I propose you to evaluate two parameters: to choose beaches that have a history (for example, of shipwrecks or battles that have been fought once) or to choose crowded beaches for very diverse reasons beyond the simple summer (for example, concerts, sports events, etc.).
  • Don't leave possible findings to "luck" alone. That is: to the best of your ability, add good detection equipment that includes technologies and accessories that make a difference.

On this last point, everything will depend on your budget, but calm because either of the two options I suggest you below offer excellent features and the differences between them will be nuances, such as the depth of detection they may have in the sand.

My first proposal is the GARRETT AT Pro Metal DetectorThe most outstanding characteristics - in my opinion - are: its weight (it is a comfortable and portable instrument that weighs less than 1.5 kg) and its versatility (it is a kind of "all-terrain", this detector will render wet conditions, even underwater because it is submersible up to 10 feet) and also in dry conditions for all-terrain.

Its audio performance is also remarkable. If you're a beginner, it's worth explaining how this helps when looking for your treasures on the beaches: the waves and ambient sound are often very disturbing even if you're looking alone and there aren't too many people around you. Hand in hand with the features of this detector that includes Iron Audio technology and that already comes with headphones as part of the kit, you'll hear subtle changes in the response of a target. This will allow you to appreciate more details and obtain a better judgment of the size, conductivity, depth, and shape of the detected object.

Now... are you excited and seduced to invest a little more to take a leap in quality? In that case, to the above-mentioned benefits the other model that I propose you is the GARRETT ATX Pro Deepseeker Metal Detector a real "jewel" that will allow you (as its name emphasizes it) to search deeper.

What's missing? Just make your decision and... search!

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