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Top 5 Search Tips With Depth Detectors

Top 5 Search Tips With Depth Detectors

Today we bring you some techniques and tips so you can start your fortune and treasure hunt effectively:

1. Train your ear

The detector has special sounds for each type of metal. Some models even have very specific sounds for the iron so you can override the sound of the iron or give it a special sound. In some very conductive metals, you can give them a higher pitch and in some models, bell-like sounds.

2. Trains the movement of the detector

It has to be fluid, this movement is similar to sweeping we must take care to have the same height of the coil to the floor and always in fluid form.

Note The speed with which you handle the metal detector will also depend on which mineralization filter your model has.

3. Locates the pin-pointer function

The pin-pointer works when the treasure detector is still. When you want to locate the metal that you have detected is the time where you will activate the pin-pointer, with the coil you will slowly approach you target and you will stay still at the best point, where you will start digging.

Note Do not activate the pin-pointer on it target because ground tracking could ruin the signal.

4. To know the balance of the land

The balance is when the gold detector determines the mineralization of the terrain. Its two types are: automatic and manual. The automatic balance is the most used among the beginners, here the mineralization is being measured while you do the search. The manual balance is the one most used by experienced treasure hunters.

5. Where to search

Search in ancient places, in places with some kind of historical value or where you have the feeling that you can get lost treasures, remember that not everywhere you can get a relic and remember you must always have the permission of the owner of the place where you go to look for your treasure!

And to help you get your treasure we give you an extra tip!

6. Choose a detector at the right depth

It is a general problem to give exact values of the penetration depth of metal detectors and one of the most important factors is the technology used. This means that the deeper the search you want to do, then you must choose the technology that will allow you to reach your target:

Tero Vido Basic Plus: One thing that makes the Tero Vido system very special, besides the exact location, is the deep penetration of the soil. Depending on the size of the object, depths of up to 18 m can be reached.

Nokta Invenio: Nokta comes with an intelligent detection system and images of the world that can show the shape, depth, and dimensions of underground metals in real-time.

GARRETT GTI PRO 2500: When you find a coin, GTI detectors will tell you what kind of coin it is: a penny, 25 cents, 50 cents or a dollar. The GTI 2500 allows you to concentrate on the treasure, making hunting much more productive!

Now that you have armed yourself with the best tips you can go out and get that fortune waiting for you. Do you have any super effective tip for searches? Share it with us in our chat!

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