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Underground Water Detection, pt. 2: Top-Of-The-Line Brands and Devices

Underground Water Detection, pt. 2: Top-Of-The-Line Brands and Devices


Execution matters. That's why quality matters too.

In our last post, we talked about the scientific and occupational principles behind the search for water wells underground. In it, we were as thorough as the information available about the topic allowed us to. This time around, we'd like to highlight two things:

  1. It must be stated that water well hunting is an important, intricate activity that allows small to moderate population pockets to have improved quality of life by enabling access to clean drinking water by combining research, groundwork and the correct surveying of land segments in order to understand its composition and the viability of engineering intervention to uncover underground water sources.
  1. Water well hunting cannot be performed without the specialized equipment made for such activity. Most of this equipment is cost-prohibitive, rather because there are just a few brands who can produce the technology and also because of the specific requirements the activity implies.

In light of these two aspects, it becomes clear that whatever information we share in this article will be most useful to detectorists and professionals who are truly invested in the business of underground water detection.

At Detector Power, we're always looking for ways to educate our audience about the wide variety of types of detection there are. We do this under the notion that the more people know about how metal or gold detection or discovering other types of elements underground can be entertaining, helpful and contribute to others and to themselves, then the more likely it will be that this culture will reach more and more people, which is a good thing, because we all need to go outside and have fun sometimes, right? Or find some water for others to have a healthier life.

Now, let's get serious for a bit. Let's talk about some of the most efficient, best optimized devices for water well detection available in our store.

GER Fresh Result 2: Pro water-well-surveying gadget

Exhaust all of the possible points of water extraction around you with the Fresh Result 2's dual-detection systems that allow for more thorough analysis and collection of soil data. Check your findings in real time by choosing either its Long Range or Geophysical Search modes and cover more ground, more quickly. Search results are shown in its beautiful, colorful display, also equipped with an easy, intuitive interface that will continue to guide you to your goal while you explore.

Germany's GER DETECT is constantly pushing its technology forward to continue to guarantee its customers they're getting the best and most incredible equipment they can put their hands on, while also maintaining a cost-effectiveness ratio that most brands are unable to offer. Take it wherever your mission may be with its comfortable, modular, easy-to-carry mini-suitcase, made of resistant materials to protect the integrity of the device at all times. Stay in your mission for periods of time of at least 10 hours with its high-capacity battery pack.

We thought of putting the GER Fresh Result 2 in the spotlight because of its high demand and general commercial performance, which is great. Its technology has proven to be so useful that most water well hunters have come looking for it in the past few months.

OMEGA Ajax: The fiercest of competitors

One of the most interesting aspects of the Ajax Detector is that it is relatively new compared to other underground water detectors in the market. Having been released in 2019 wouldn't appear to have helped the cause of the Ajax as much, given that the COVID-19 pandemic started the year after. Nevertheless, this comprehensively-equipped detector has fared nicely in recent months.

It's so easily maneuverable and lightweight that it has become some detectorists' weapon of choice, so to speak, as it allows them to make less of an effort while surveying for water wells underground. It's also incredibly resistant, capable of operating in extreme-heat terrains without taking a sweat. Detectorists have also reported that the fact that it has a 3.5 audio-out jack makes it stand out from other devices of its price range, meaning detectorists can use any headphones they already own, with it.

Its Geophysical Search system, alongside its other functions, matches the quality of its competition while being a little less expensive, so that's a plus. Oh, and let's not forget its High Gain Antenna, which covers a variety of soils and pinpoints minerals' electromagnetic fields with extreme accuracy.

OKM GeoSeeker: Deluxe underground water surveying

When it comes to technological luxury, OKM is one brand to deliver. The GeoSeeker has all the kind of functions you would expect a professional water-well surveying device could have and more. Different from its competitors, its search functionality is based in a technology called Geoelectrical Scan, which collects data from the ground and measures is electromagnetic resistivity and discriminates between clean water in small pockets underground and also water-bearing gravel, showing cavities and water bodies in its bundled Android tablet that is powered with proprietary 3D-rendering visualization software.

The Geoelectrical Scan function also allows the device to simultaneously discern and uncover all of the information it can collect, instead of just showing things one at a time, saving lots of time.

MWF WF 303 GH: A more modest choice, but functional, nevertheless

Now, this detector from MWF, which is one of the veteran companies in the game right now, is not looking to appeal to the more extravagant hunters. Instead, its rough, tactile interface, speedy results collection, and overall smoothness of use, makes up for a simple system layered with functionality and unparalleled efficiency. With the ability to discriminate between different types of water and to search distances down to 800 m below, the WF 303 GH sets the standard of what a high-demand, high-quality underground water detector should be.

What this detector excels is at automatically setting itself up to guide hunters to their goals. Its Geophysical Search module has been programmed with algorithms that enhance its detection capabilities and provides detailed reports on complex ground elements found in the field.

Combining human resources from the United States and Turkey, MWF has made a respectable name for itself, by putting out products which have served the detectorist community for more than 10 years.

On that note, we hope this article will help shed some light on what to look for in specialized equipment like that used in underground water detection endeavors.

Remember, maybe you're not hunting for water wells below ground, but this is valuable information that you might pass on to someone who needs it, and that way, you'll also be helping those people who will benefit from a newfound water well and clean water to drink and live.

See you in our next entry. Cheers!

Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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