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Your First "Intelligent" Metal Detector - Nokta Invenio

Your First "Intelligent" Metal Detector - Nokta Invenio

Nokta Invenio Metal Detector

Invenio - State-of-the-art treasure detector.

Be one of the first to have this revolutionary new metal detector with 3D imaging technology! The newly launched Nokta Makro Invenio Metal Detector is the first "intelligent" real-time image and detection system. The Invenio system box and detector axis communicate wirelessly via an artificial neural network. Discover extremely deep treasures, such as hiding places, gold, coins, and relics, as well as soil anomalies (caves and cavities). The control box shows in real-time the shape target, dimension, depth, and identifies the type of metal.

Two great presentations.

Nokta Invenio Metal Detector Standard Package.- Operates with 14kHz frequency, includes two search coils and other accessories. Detects 6-9 meters deep.

Nokta Invenio Metal Detector Pro Package It operates with multi-frequencies (5kHz, 14kHz and 20 kHz). Includes 3 search coils and other accessories. Detects 10-12 meters deep.

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