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Exploring the World beneath our Feet with BR 950

Exploring the World beneath our Feet with BR 950


Water is the source of life. However, we live in an era where we are witnessing how vital resources are shrinking dramatically.

Finding fresh water is an everyday struggle for millions of citizens. We have the moral duty to engage in initiatives to minimize overexploitation and pollution of superficial and underground water.

Groundwater accounts for 97% of global freshwater resources.

BR 950 is a perfect tool for starting your adventure to preserve our environment. However, its features allow much more than that.

A multi-purpose tool

BR 950 underground water detector


Most people use groundwater detectors to locate underground water. Consider that 97 percent of the world's freshwater resources lie beneath the ground. But groundwater detectors are also used to find lakes and ponds or rivers.

Groundwater detectors are used in the construction industry and mining industry. They can be employed to locate underground sources of water that may be useful for agriculture purposes, such as irrigation or draining swamps.

These kind of detectors are a cross-industry staple. They're used by miners, farmers, and search-and-rescue teams. A groundwater detector is a device that any miner, farmer, scientist, master builder, and/or engineer should have.

The most common type of groundwater detector identifies the presence of water by measuring the electrical conductivity of the soil. Electrical conductivity is related to how much-dissolved material is present in the soil, and this can be used as an indicator of where groundwater may be present.




BR Systems have taken groundwater detection to a whole another level. The BR 950 is a professional device designed to detect underground water veins. It finds the accurate position of this water vein with the depth and height of the water so you can start your drilling in the right place.

  • It has an integrated GPS device that allows you to record longitude and latitude. When you finish your adventure, simply go back to the GPS map on your phone or computer and track where all of your water veins are located.
  • The BR-950 features embedded Wi-Fi, allowing you to share data from the field with other devices wirelessly.
  • The BR 950 is made of high-quality materials, which makes it waterproof and durable. The device can withstand shocks and vibrations. It's lightweight, easy to carry around, and easy to use because of its user-friendly interface.
  • You can send information from your underground water detector to other devices and people.
  • B.U.M . automatic detection Technology.
  • G.L.Y . Laser Guidance Technology.
  • The BR 950 PRO features a waterproof design that allows the detector to be used in any weather conditions without damaging the device itself or causing false readings due to moisture.

The BR 950 Professional is designed for professionals in the water quality or well drilling industry who require a rugged and reliable detector that can be used in a wide variety of conditions. The unit features five preprogrammed modes for water detection ranging from shallow to deep wells, including vertical pipes and horizontal pipes.

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With your new detector, you will receive a Quick Start Guide, a valuable resource designed to guide you through the essential steps of operating your new device seamlessly. This user-friendly guide is tailored to ensure that even beginners can quickly grasp the fundamental functions and features.

For those seeking a more profound understanding, a comprehensive manual accompanies your purchase. This detailed manual delves into the intricacies of your detector, providing a wealth of information for users eager to explore advanced settings and capabilities.

However, the pinnacle of expertise in harnessing your detector's full potential lies in professional training. While guides and manuals offer a solid foundation, professional training takes your knowledge to the next level. Through hands-on instruction and insights from seasoned experts, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your detector's nuances and unlock its optimal performance.

During the individual training, our detector Expert addresses your wishes and questions, provides you tips and tricks and helps you to improve your chances of success with your detector.

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  • Using the detector on the test field
  • Tips and tricks for advanced users
  • Improving your measurement procedure
  • Evaluation of the scans on the detector display
  • Answers to your questions

In addition to a general introduction to the functionality and operating modes of your detector, the detector Expert explains how to use the detector efficiently in the field. In doing so, he can correct small errors during the measurement and advise you on special features of your search projects.

You will learn how to check your measurements and further improve your scanning technique independently. You can also draw initial conclusions about potential target objects in the underground.

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