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How to find gold 

How to find gold 

If you're having the gold rush or if you already have your gear and want something more interesting, this article is for you.

Whatever your point of inspiration, this time Detector Power shows you some tips and knowledge that should be taken into account when starting a search for golden treasures.

When starting this project it is important to do a gold panning. Since this may be helpful to have a more organized course and not have a physical, time or monetary waste.

The best places to find gold  

Let's start by knowing where to go for gold. In the United States since 1848 the gold rush started and currently it seems not to end. Although the preferred place is California, we also know that there are several geographic spaces to go looking for gold.

The best place to look for gold is on the banks of rivers and on large cliffs of forests and mountains. Also, it is common to frequent the black sands, due to its high mineral content and being related to the ease of finding gold in these sites; even though is not always like that.

The soils where gold can be found are highly mineralized spaces and therefore it is difficult to find gold with any metal detector. And this is when we go to the next point.

If you want to know all the sites to search for gold, it is recommended to use Google maps or join gold search groups on Facebook or official groups to go to allowed sites and find gold.

What metal detectors and equipment to use

If your goal is to find gold, you must have a device that has excellent control for stability of mineralized soils and metal discrimination in order to focus the search on what you really want to find.

If it is fine gold that is a type of commercially produced gold, any metal detector that has the ability to detect gold can work for you. But, if, on the contrary, you are looking for gold nuggets or perhaps large amounts of gold naturally, you can gold recovery then it is advisable to have an entire specialized detection team for the best results.

We can recommend the following metal detectors

Garrett ATX Pro Deepseeker Waterproof Gold Metal Detector With 13 "and 20"

Excellent detector for true adventurers, since it resists extreme environments and meets military specifications and with a specialized coil you can find small pieces of gold and even gold nuggets. With this metal detector you don't need to be an expert to find a great treasure.

GER detect gold hunter geolocator metal detector

Great long range device that will allow you to find gold including natural gold, gold nuggets and even underground gold mines. Achieving a range even from 500 to 2000 meters in perpendicular lines. With a maximum depth of 35 meters.

If you want to know which is the best metal detector to find gold click here

Process to find gold

The search for gold is not as simple as it sounds and requires a little patience if you want to find large quantities.

The slightly more professional search process is to detect the presence of gold with metal detectors until you have a specific site for the underground channels, where the mines are present.

Once the soil has been found, septic tanks is located, generally, created in which with large amounts of water the soil is washed and its contents drained by means of suction dredges and at the end of a sewer line it may appear gold in septic tank lids.

This whole septic system is man-made but it is also natural, you can find gold deposits in many places you just have to find it well with the help of the metal detector.

Advantage and disadvantages of searching for gold

Among the advantages and disadvantages on searching for gold we made a brief summary, so don't miss this key information.


  • You can buy a lot of money, even if you have a small find.
  • It is an exciting adventure that will allow you to discover new horizons.
  • You can do this activity in the company of friends and family.


  • It is a highly competitive market.
  • True results are not always achieved.
  • There are search limitations by government entities in certain countries.

Now that we have presented you in a comprehensive way all the processes to find gold, it only depends on you, contact us right now on our WhatsApp number +1786-909-3320 and our team will provide you detailed information, so you can purchase the metal detector that best suits your needs.

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