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Metal Detectors by Age Groups: Editor's Choice

Metal Detectors by Age Groups: Editor's Choice

The best there is for every member of the family!

Hello there, adventurers and detectorists! At Detector Power, we're always thinking of ways to offer the best possible outdoor experiences to our community, our customers and our readers. Metal detectors have become the cornerstone of family entertainment on the outside. We've seen a significant increase in purchases of metal detectors in our store and as the health and safety restrictions for the pandemic begin to be lifted, it seems people are becoming more and more interested in spending time in the wild, searching for treasure!

Thus, we have come up with a little dossier of metal detector choices from our store that we think will best suit the abilities and needs of all members of the family, according to their age. We also took into consideration the fact that different ages mean different perspectives on what entertainment might look like, so these metal detector choices will be very different in their price range and capabilities.

Garrett Ace 200: Teach your children and old folks how to search for treasure!

Metal detection doesn't have to be a rigorous endeavor. On the contrary, there are a few options such as the Garrett Ace 200 that are easily manipulated and not such a blow to your wallet. It's reasonable pricing makes it the perfect entry for people not familiar with treasure hunting and detection, as it comes equipped with just the most basic functions for it to be handled by anyone with their hands on it.

The Garrett Ace 200 is one of those metal detectors that cover the essential parts of hunting for metal nuggets on the outside. It powers through most types of terrain and its design is ergonomic and features a special function that allows the hunter to know the type of material buried underground to help them anticipate their dig.

It also has an easy-to-use menu on its control panel that won't challenge your kids or their grandparents as much as those from other models. And unlike most other detectors, the Ace 200 is made of materials so light that it won't make your family tired even after a long hunting session.

Minelab Gold Monster 1000: For those hungry for the riches

Gold hunting has turned into a kind of a sport for teen and young adult hunters. Coming of age often means looking at how and when to turn a profit. With money comes independence and the chance to make a living of your own, and gold hunters, if they do their job well, can make cash with each hunting excursion. Enter the Minelab Gold Monster 1000, a mid-range specialized metal detector bundled with two detection coils, VLF capabilities and automatic functions that make the work much, much more comfortable and easy to do.

It's price can be a little bit prohibitive to those unprepared to begin their hunting careers but with the right budget and the right amount of preparation and tech savvy, handling the Gold Monster 1000 shouldn't prove difficult.

It has two detection modes (Gold and Deep All-Metal), basic ground balance, it's water resistant and its manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty period that will cover any issues it might have during hunts and operation.

MWF Vogel Falke: High-tech equipment for pro hunting

The 35 to 45-years age group has to be the strongest one amongst those in our community, when it comes to professional metal detection. Hunting for treasure should be fun, but it should also be exciting, informative and convey a sense of true discovery.

Professional metal detection often implies searching for ferrous materials underground for investigative purposes. Most times, professional hunters are called upon for searches that require equipment capable of displaying signals from deeply buried items and that is where the MWF Vogel Falke comes in.

This multifunctional metal detector comes bundled with two differently sized, Double-D detection coils (35 cm and 45 cm) that allow for maximum performance in complex soil conditions and extreme depths. Stay on top of your hunt for larger periods of time with its long-duration battery, which allows for smooth-sailing operations for long periods of time. Use its different detection modes to allow for increased precision and easier finds.

Take the MWF Vogel Falke anywhere with its included carrying bag and exceed your hunting goals with its UAF (Ultra-Accurate Frequency) technology.

Don't be scared by the MWF Vogel's price tag, it is worth every penny. It is one of the most durable, efficient and more functional metal detectors from its category.

And That's a wrap up! At Detector Power, we want everyone to feel confidence in each piece of equipment they come across in our store. If you're thinking about buying a metal detector for one of your family members to go out with them on hunts, or getting one as a gift for your professional hunter spouse, these options surely will come in handy for you!

See you in our next blog entry!

Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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