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Incident Detection & Assistance Requirements

Caution – Incident detection and assistance are supplemental features and SHOULD NOT be relied on as a primary method to obtain emergency assistance. Neither your device nor the Garmin Connect app contacts emergency services on your behalf.

When an incident is detected or you request assistance from your device, Garmin Connect will send your name and location to your emergency contacts. Your location is determined using our LiveTrack location tracking feature. LiveTrack creates a real-time feed of your location during an activity. You can set up emergency contacts in the Garmin Connect app.


  1. The Garmin device has LTE service enabled, or the device is connected via Bluetooth to the Garmin Connect app on a smartphone.
  2. GPS is enabled on the Garmin device.
  3. The device and/or smartphone are in an area of network coverage where data connectivity is available.
  4. The emergency contact's phone is capable of receiving text messages (standard text messaging rates may apply) and/or email.
  5. For Edge products, Incident detection is enabled by default for Road, Gravel, Commute, Tour and eBike activity profiles. Mountain, Cyclocross and eMountain activity profiles also support this feature but are off by default.
  6. For Wearable products, Incident detection is enabled by default and supported for Run, Track Run, Trail Run, Ultra Run, Bike, eBike, Gravel Bike, Bike Commute, Bike Tour, Road Bike, Walk, and Hike activity profiles.
  7. Incident detection requires initial setup before use.

Detector Online Training

With your new detector, you will receive a Quick Start Guide, a valuable resource designed to guide you through the essential steps of operating your new device seamlessly. This user-friendly guide is tailored to ensure that even beginners can quickly grasp the fundamental functions and features.

For those seeking a more profound understanding, a comprehensive manual accompanies your purchase. This detailed manual delves into the intricacies of your detector, providing a wealth of information for users eager to explore advanced settings and capabilities.

However, the pinnacle of expertise in harnessing your detector's full potential lies in professional training. While guides and manuals offer a solid foundation, professional training takes your knowledge to the next level. Through hands-on instruction and insights from seasoned experts, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your detector's nuances and unlock its optimal performance.

During the individual training, our detector Expert addresses your wishes and questions, provides you tips and tricks and helps you to improve your chances of success with your detector.

  • Theoretical introduction
  • Overview of the functionality and operating modes of your detector
  • Using the detector on the test field
  • Tips and tricks for advanced users
  • Improving your measurement procedure
  • Evaluation of the scans on the detector display
  • Answers to your questions

In addition to a general introduction to the functionality and operating modes of your detector, the detector Expert explains how to use the detector efficiently in the field. In doing so, he can correct small errors during the measurement and advise you on special features of your search projects.

You will learn how to check your measurements and further improve your scanning technique independently. You can also draw initial conclusions about potential target objects in the underground.

  • Service & Support: for entry-level, experienced and professional detectorists
  • Schedule: After you add the paid training, we will contact you to schedule your training with our expert.

Trainings are charged per hour! Additional costs may apply for training sessions. For special requests please contact us at