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Pregnancy Tracking

See a snapshot of your pregnancy alongside the health and wellness data you already track in the Garmin Connect™ app on your compatible smartphone. You can stay in tune with your body during all the stages of your life with menstrual cycle tracking.

Understanding Your Body

It's important to know what your body is going through at each stage of your pregnancy. This feature can help you do that. Log how you’re feeling every day, learn how your body is changing and how exercise and nutrition can help, track baby movement and so much more.

Exercise and Nutrition

You’ll get weekly updates and a variety of education based on where you are in your pregnancy — including baby size updates, changes in your body, typical symptoms for that week, ways to adjust your diet and exercise, and weight gain recommendations. You’ll also learn about how your wellness and performance metrics could change throughout pregnancy. If your device measures training status, you even have the option to pause it while you’re pregnant.

Log Daily Symptoms


Keep track of the physical and emotional changes — such as backache, cravings, nausea, mood swings and so much more — that you experience from day to day. You can even take notes and track your blood glucose levels and baby movement. Customized reminders will help you remember to log symptoms, drink water, do Kegel exercises and more. You’ll also see a 4-week summary of everything you’ve logged, which is helpful to have for checkups.

Track Your Pregnancy and Contractions From Your Wrist

See your pregnancy details on your wrist by downloading the Pregnancy Tracking app from the Connect IQ™ Store1 to your compatible smartwatch2. You’ll be able to view pregnancy progress and log symptoms, baby movement and blood glucose levels while your phone stays tucked away. You and a partner can also download the Contraction Timer1 to track the duration and frequency of your contractions.