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Str3amup Software


  • Windows Requirements:
    - Windows 10 version 1809 or newer, Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 (included)
    - Screen resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1 GB RAM
    - At least 100 MB free disk space required
    - Bluetooth Low Energy support required

  • Streaming/Recording Setup Requirements:
    - Requires pre-existing video game streaming/recording setup using a supported streaming/recording tool.
    - Tools must support capturing desktop window content and "Chroma Key" Filters.
    - Examples: OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit
    - For streaming only: Requires pre-existing set up account for a video streaming platform supported by the supported streaming tool (see above).

  • Optional 3rd party tools:
    - Str3amup! can be used to send hotkey combinations to the Windows system that can trigger effects in 3rd party software using your biometrics.
    - Compatible 3rd party software must support receiving and acting on hotkey combinations: Ctrl+Shift+F9, Ctrl+Shift+F10, Ctrl+Shift+F11.
    - Examples are soundboard type applications for audio effects or applications that can apply video filters to the streamer's web camera.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Garmin Str3amup! update file into a directory on your hard drive. (i.e., c:\downloads).
  2. Change to the directory in which you downloaded the files, (i.e., c:\downloads), and run the executable file (.exe). Str3amup! will automatically install and start.