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Ajax Detection Hydro Tracker Underground Water Detector

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Finding groundwater has become easier and more reliable, as Hydro Tracker features comprehensive and integrated search systems that give the user confidence and accuracy in results.Read more

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Ajax Detection Hydro Tracker Underground Water Detector

Finding groundwater has become easier and more reliable, as Hydro Tracker features comprehensive and integrated search systems that give the user confidence and accuracy in results.

Hydro Tracker device is equipped with a special unit to purify the signal, measure soil temperature and humidity, and send it to a high-performance data processor that gives the device the ability to complete the search process with accurate results at high speed.

The Features

  • Battery: A powerful rechargeable battery keeps you going all day 7.4 volts, 7000mAh (52 W), Typical usage time 12 hours.
  • Depth Reach:1000 meters max of real depth can be reached. Dream about getting what’s underground by going deep through.
  • Languages: Hydro Tracker device supports many languages wherever you are around the world English, Deutsch, French, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Urdu.
  • Display: The best monitor ever in sunny days and the dark places. TFT Color, 7 inch 480x800 WVGA, with 24 bits colorful.
  • High-Tech Audio Alerts: It is used to distinguish between targets with a specific tone for each, You will easily distinguish the target sound.
  • Warranty: AJAX got your back and gives you 2 Years of warranty; A team of professional engineers follows up with you after dealing.
  • Detection Systems: Hydro Tracker device operates on a highly efficient 4 search systems designed under the supervision of specialized engineers and globally tested to guarantee its results.
  • Detectan Targets: All types of groundwater, The exact depth of water reservoirs, Humidity, Salinity, soil temperature.
  • Quality: Ajax devices are American-made products that have won ISO and CE COMPLIANCE certificates for their quality and efficiency.


Display and controls

Detection Systems

Manual Scan

This system is characterized by the speed and easy search, as it is used in cases of rapid detection within a specific point with a small area, where 2 ground probes are used, and the search process takes place within the distance between them only, and the result is given in the form of a table that includes the name of the scanned line, the rate of detected water, its type, and depth.

Auto Scan

This system features a comprehensive scan of 6 lines and is characterized by ease and speed. Here, the signal purification and the soil temperature and humidity measurement unit can be connected to reach more accurate results. This system is used in cases of detection within a large area, by searching among the four ground probes sequentially, and the comprehensive result is given for all lines with full details for each.

Advanced Scan

This system works on a comprehensive scan of 6 lines, and it is intended for experts only, as it depends on manually configuring the parameters of the scanning system according to the area in which the scanning is to be performed before starting the scan process, such as the type of soil, the depth to be reached, and the distance between the ground probes. It is preferable here to use the signal purification and measure the temperature and humidity unit of the soil. Within a wide area by searching among the four ground probes sequentially, the comprehensive result of all lines is given with full details for each line.

3D Ground Imaging

This system is considered to this day a scientific revolution in the world of groundwater detection, and in this highly advanced system, the result is given in the form of 2D images and a 3D perspective of the search area that can be seen according to the angle required by the user with the possibility of analyzing each point and knowing its depth and water percentage in it precisely.

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    With your new detector, you will receive a Quick Start Guide, a valuable resource designed to guide you through the essential steps of operating your new device seamlessly. This user-friendly guide is tailored to ensure that even beginners can quickly grasp the fundamental functions and features.

    For those seeking a more profound understanding, a comprehensive manual accompanies your purchase. This detailed manual delves into the intricacies of your detector, providing a wealth of information for users eager to explore advanced settings and capabilities.

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    During the individual training, our detector Expert addresses your wishes and questions, provides you tips and tricks and helps you to improve your chances of success with your detector.

    • Theoretical introduction
    • Overview of the functionality and operating modes of your detector
    • Using the detector on the test field
    • Tips and tricks for advanced users
    • Improving your measurement procedure
    • Evaluation of the scans on the detector display
    • Answers to your questions

    In addition to a general introduction to the functionality and operating modes of your detector, the detector Expert explains how to use the detector efficiently in the field. In doing so, he can correct small errors during the measurement and advise you on special features of your search projects.

    You will learn how to check your measurements and further improve your scanning technique independently. You can also draw initial conclusions about potential target objects in the underground.

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