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Mega Detection Concord Long Range Metal Detector

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Mega Detection Concord Metal Detectoror
Concord is a unique metal detector from the German company Mega Detection, a new release in the company’s series of devices that meet the needs of amateur and professional prospectors through a set of devices that suits different categories.
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Mega Detection Concord Metal Detectoror

Concord is a unique metal detector from the German company Mega Detection, a new release in the company’s series of devices that meet the needs of amateur and professional prospectors through a set of devices that suits different categories.

Concord metal detector is a multi-search system device that includes five systems that mainly combine Long-Range Locating and scanning technology (L.R.L) suitable for detecting metal targets from a distance and at great depths, with the new and improved.

Pulse induction technology through set of search coils suitable for detecting small-sized targets such as old coins, natural gold nuggets and gold ornaments such as rings.

concord metal detector
Concord device provides a comfortable and easy experience for the prospector thanks to the ease of installing the appropriate parts for the search system and thanks to the easy-to-use multi language device program, which provides the user through a simplified graphical interface with all the necessary options to adjust the search settings and watch the different colored visual and digital indicators on the device screen, which provides the prospector with sufficient information to know the nature of the detected targets.

Concord Features Multiple Search Tools

The search tools with distinctive design and advanced technology available in Concord provide the prospector the required tool to search for all kinds of minerals, buried metal targets and treasures of various sizes and at different depths.

Concord includes the following search tools:

IMTU (Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit)

This probe is a unit whose mission is to send high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the direction in which the user is searching, these signals intersect with the electromagnetic fields emitted by the underground metal targets and turn into reflected signals that are received through the antennas, and the signal after processing is converted into digital signals.

Search Coils (PS50, PS36, PS28)

The device includes 3 different-sized search coils that work with improved pulse induction technology with a search system that matches each coil. The coils provide outstanding performance in various detection applications in search of targets of different size and depth of gold, jewelry and ancient coins.

5 Search System

Concord device integrates five search systems, three L.R.L systems, and two systems related to the pulse induction technology based on search coil used.

All search systems include options and settings to customize the search, as well as visual representations and digital indicators that give the user a rich experience during the search process.

main menu concord
The device includes the following search systems:

1 – Manual Long Range System / MANUAL LRL /

This search system uses the I.M.T.U PROBE , which sends high-frequency waveforms in the direction of the search,and the reflected signals are received through a pair of antennas, in this system the type or program of the target to be searched can be selected, this option means that the device It does not receive any signal except for the target signal that has been identified, with options to adjust the front distance up to 3000 meters and the depth up to 50 meters.

Before starting the search, this system contains 11 separate search programs, which can be selected from the list of targets.

The manual system means the possibility of adjusting the long-range scanning settings manually according to the user’s preferences, before actually conducting the search.

Here are the settings that can be adjusted:
  • Target Type (Metal)
The type of metal of the targets to be searched can be set from a list that includes search programs for all types of metals like: Gold – silver – copper – iron – diamonds – platinum – bronze …