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Geoground Gold Legend Long Range Metal Detector

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Detector with 5 interchangeable search systems. This device makes it easy to detect buried targets, know their exact location, and estimate the depth at which they are located.
Product highlights:
● Depth: 40 meters / Front Range: 3000 square meters
● Frequency: 5000 Hz
● Easy-to-use softwareRead more

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Geoground Gold Legend Metal Detector - 5 Search Systems

Depth: 40 meters

Distance: 3000 square meters

Gold Legend is a completely new metal detector from the German company Geoground, a unique device with a new distinctive design, multiple search systems, an easy-to-use program and features that meet all the needs of beginner and professional prospectors, all at a great economic price.

The Gold Legend device guarantees the prospector the search for various types of minerals, gold and buried treasures through five search systems that use improved detection technologies with completely new features to detect targets from a distance and for great search depths.

Gold Legend provides the prospector with a small device that is easy to install and simple to use through the device program available, easy to choose search systems, adjust their settings, and display the results in a simple visual way on the device’s colored screen.

Device Features

Multi-Purpose Metal Detector

Gold Legend gold detector can be used for various metal detection applications, including:

  • Metal detection of various ferrous and non-ferrous (precious) metals such as copper and silver.
  • Detecting raw natural gold found in nature in the form of veins or rocks mixed with other minerals.
  • Detecting targets made of gold, such as ornamental jewelry (bracelets – earrings – rings) and golden coins.
  • Detecting pieces of ancient antiquities made of different metals, such as small copper statues – steel swords or daggers – silver or gold utensils and cups…etc.

5 Integrated Search Systems

Gold Legend device has been provided with various search tools to detect buried metal targets and underground treasures through five search systems of various technologies and integrated among them to provide the best device for the prospector to detect various targets, determine their position and calculate their depth with sufficient accuracy.

The five search systems available in the Gold Legend device are:

  1. Long Range System.
  2. Free Mode System.
  3. Smart Depth System.
  4. Ionic System.
  5. Bionic System.

1 – Long Range System

The long-range search system in the Gold Legend device is a remote detection system that works according to a completely new technology that is different from the traditional long-range systems.

The mechanism of the device’s work according to this system includes the generation of certain wireless frequencies according to settings that are customized by the user like the type of metal target and the values ​​of distance and depth, the radio frequencies are sent through two antennas installed in the front of the device and with the interaction of these transmitted frequencies with the magnetic fields emitted by the targets in the surrounding area, the device rotates around the handle in a certain direction that is shown on the device screen and the user must follow the rotation movement to reach to precisely set the target location.

To ensure more accurate results, the user sets a set of options that include:

Soil Type

It is the type of soil in which the buried targets are searched, and the user must correctly set the type of soil to ensure more reliable results.

The user can choose one of the following types of soil:

High Mineral – Low Mineral – Normal – Rocky – Sand – Stony – Wet.

Target Type

Choosing the type of target in advance helps the prospector search for targets made of a certain metal or material and ensures the generation of appropriate frequencies to obtain an accurate result.

The user can choose certain programs in advance, which are:

Bronze – Cavity – Copper – Diamond – Gemstone – Gold ore Gold Treasure – Gold veins – Iron – Platinum – Silver.

Front Distance

It expresses the value of the long-range scanning distance in the direction of the search, which is practically equal to the radius of an imaginary circle surrounding the user whose center is the device position.

The device limits the search to it only, and the user can determine the value of the distance from values ​​within a range between 0 to 3000 meters.

Search Depth

It is the value of the maximum depth possible for the device to find buried targets with it or less than the specified value, meaning that the device can detect target located to this value and any target at a greater depth is not detected, the user can specify an accurate value for the search depth within a range between 0 and 40 meters.

After specifying the previous settings, the device conducts a long-range scan process to identify targets in the surrounding area and displays on the screen indicators that help the prospector adjust its movement process, including the balance indicator, which shows the user the direction of the device relative to the horizon, and the search indicator, which shows the scanning procedure through the movement of a circular pointer of variable diameter.

2 – Free Mode System

Free Mode system or the customized frequency system works on the same principle as a long-range system, but here the value of the search frequency can be customized, which was previously set in the long-range search system through preset programs that correspond to the type of target, but here it is possible to set a digital value for the frequency to get accurate result to search for metals that are not available in the list of targets, and the best results and knowledge of the appropriate frequencies are obtained through the experience gained from the repeated use of this system.

Before starting the search with the free mode system, the user must set settings that include:

Search Frequency

It is the value of the radio frequency generated by the device and transmitted through the search antennas, and the user can set the value within a wide range of frequencies represented by Hertz.

Soil type settings – front distance – maximum depth and the previous settings are set similarly as in the long-range system.

After selecting the previous options, the device performs the long-range scanning process similar to the previous system, and the search screen is similar.

3 – Smart Depth System

The smart depth system is chosen as a complement to the previous two systems, where the target is searched through the long-range and free mode systems, and its approximate location is determined through the squaring method, which includes searching from four different sides (east – west – north – south) and setting a line each time from each side to get a square with small dimensions, for example 3 meters, and the location of the target is the center of the square.

After setting the target position, the smart depth system is used to estimate the depth of the target discovered underground before starting to dig.

This process is carried out through the user’s movement starting from the center of the square according to two of its diameters and in two different directions, where the user follows the movement until the device rotates every time more than 70 degrees, and the device estimates the depth based on this movement and displays the depth value on the screen.

4 – Ionic System

The ionic search system is used to receive ionic field signals from targets buried underground, such as a metal box or a bronze statue, through the use of a special search sensor called the Smart Sensor, which is developed with a special technology to better receive the ionic signals.

One of the important features of the Smart Sensor is that it contains, on the upper side, a row of LED lights, which change the color of the lighting emitted by them according to the nature of the detected target, for example, blue light indicates a tunnel, while the red color indicates that the target is a precious metal.

Determining the nature of the target is done through the screen of the ionic system, which displays on the screen two progress bars with values ​​represented as a percentage that corresponds to the ionic field signal issued by the nearby target in the surrounding area.

The upper progress bar displays a metal target signal, for example, a silver ring or a gold coin, the target is very close and larger and this is related to the distance of the target from the location of the user, the size and dimensions of the target and other factors related to the soil in the surrounding area

The lower progress bar, expresses the signal strength resulting from an underground void such as a vault, tunnel, gully, etc.

5 – Bionic System

This system works in a similar way to the ionic search system and the smart sensor is also used to receive ionic signals, but the difference here is that before starting the search within the surrounding area, a signal is picked up from an object made of metal that you want to search for, for example, directing the Smart Sensor to capture the signal from the sample (golden ring for example) and then the device conducts the search by the sensor by moving the device right and left until a signal similar to the sample signal, which is represented on the search screen, is captured by changing the circular pointer to red color with an audio tone through the device’s internal speaker indicating the detection of a similar metal target for metal sample.

Easy to Use Software Program

Gold Legend software program easy to use and it is designed with graphical user interface that ease the settings adjustments for different search systems.

The device program interface also includes options to customize a set of general settings that include:

Date & Time – screen settings such as brightness – sound settings for scan and keys – change program language – display general information such as serial number and others.


For the possibility of using the device by prospectors from different countries of the world, the interface of the device program is provided with the option to change the language of the program from among the most important languages, namely:


Parts & Accessories:

  • Main Electronic Unit.
  • Smart Sensor.
  • Wireless Handle Unit.
  • RF Antennas.
  • Charger.
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty Card.

*2 years warranty



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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can do not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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