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GDI 22 Probe Mode

To operate Geo Examiner 22 probes mode, it is necessary to acquire the accessory 22 probe system, module and 2 multi cables as shown. Select 22 PROBES, click START and Geo Examiner scans and visualizes automatically within 20 sec’s underground data from 11 probes on each of the 2 multi cables. The advantage of acquiring data from many scan points, increases the image resolution and speeds up the scan process. To compare, the 4 probe geophysical detectors require a lot more time for scanning the same area, and the scan image is not accurate. The ability of surveying using multi probes can be found to more expensive, bulky and complex 3D ground radar locators than the Geo Examiner.

Accessory for the GDI GeoExaminer 3D Metal Detector Ground Radar


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