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Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer Metal Detector

SKU 11000116
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Whether you're an experienced detectorist or just starting your detecting journey, AccuPOINT empowers you with unparalleled precision and confidence.Read more

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Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer


AccuPOINT has been meticulously designed to streamline your detecting experience, offering a seamless journey with intuitive menu navigation and real-time setting visibility on a vibrant color display. Whether you're an experienced detectorist or just starting your detecting journey, AccuPOINT empowers you with unparalleled precision and confidence.

Vivid Color LCD Screen: The high-resolution color LCD screen provides all the essential information you need right before your eyes. Our user-friendly interface ensures effortless access to settings and adjustments, making pinpointing targets hassle-free

Bluetooth® Connectivity: Enjoy wireless, lag-free audio by pairing the AccuPOINT with Nokta BT Headphones or any low-latency Bluetooth® headphones.

Advanced Discrimination: Utilize our proprietary Ferrous / Non-Ferrous tones which will help you identify more treasure and less trash when pinpointing targets.

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Waterproof up to 10ft. (3m.)

Bluetooth Enabled
Enjoy wireless, lag-free audio.

Advanced Discrimination
1-Tone | 2-Tone | Iron-Off

Color LCD Screen
Shows battery life, sensitivity level & more!

One-Button Easy Operation
AccuPOINT is a turn-on & go pinpointer featuring a very easy-to-use, intuitive menu design.

Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer - Screen

Volume Control
Lets you adjust the sound as low or high.

Adjustable Backlight
Lets you adjust the backlight as bright or low.

Frequency Shift
Prevents interference with other detectors operating nearby.

Lost Alarm
After 5 minutes of inactivity, the device emits an audible alarm and LED starts flashing.

Nokta AccuPOINT Pointer - Banner 3

Alert Modes
Audio Only - Vibration Only - Audio & Vibration

LED Flashlight
Ideal for night hunts and underwater use.

Replaceable Tip Protector
Safeguards the tip of the AccuPOINT from damage or wear.

USB Type-C Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
Provides up to 25 hours of use on a single charge.

Accessories Included from Factory:

  1. AccuPOINT Pointer
  2. Replaceable Tip Protector
  3. Belt Holster
  4. USB Type-C Charging Cable
  5. Security Lanyard.

    NOTE: Nokta metal detectors are available for sale ONLY to US addresses.

    ** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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