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How Do I Update my Garmin Maps for Free?

How Do I Update my Garmin Maps for Free?

The renowned outdoor-lifestyle brand from Olathe, Kansas has become a preferred commodity for its clients because of their modern and very solid ecosystem.

Each one of their items comes equipped with an array of hardware and software tools that make its users' lives much easier.

They're always thinking ahead, finding solutions and using the power of engineering to come up with accessible implementations that adapt to the buyer's needs.

One of their most essential software solutions is the Garmin Maps add-on, featured on many of their products. Navigation software has become a must-have for adventurers, explorers and travelers and Garmin knows that.

That's why they have created an extensive library of maps that contain information that is useful to people depending on their discipline or hobby.

The thing is some of these premium Garmin maps have a cost in money. We have created this guide to provide you with a method to upload new maps to your Garmin device for free, check it out!

A simple solution to a whole lot of trouble

These processes might be intimidating for some, but we're here to make them simple enough so you don't have to go on wandering on the Internet on how to update your maps on your Garmin devices.

First, you have to know which are the kind of maps you'd be able to upload to your Garmin GPS system (whether you are using one in your car or maybe you have a Garmin watch in your excursions, both of these are compatible with Garmin's map software), as they are different in the areas they cover. You'll also need a Garmin USB cable and a compatible Micro SD card.

Secondly, you'll need to download Garmin Express, a special app available on the brand's website that will be the bridge between your device and its featured maps' updates.

Talking about getting maps for free, there's a catch: You'll only get updates for those maps which were pre-loaded to your Garmin device at the moment it was purchased. You can check that out in Garmin website's support center, with your product's Serial Number and model name. An option called What Maps Are Preloaded on my Automotive Device? should appear by clicking on the Other button in the menu that shows up when you punch in your info.

After you've done that, all that's left is installing Garmin Express on your computer and plugging your device via the USB cable we talked about before to it and following the prompts that appear on the program that lead you to updating your maps for free.

Be careful! This is the official Garmin-approved process to install or update maps on your products, but there are unofficial map sources that provide other map archives for you to use. If you turn to those, do it at your own risk!

Don't forget to use our coupon to get $20 off your purchase on our store! Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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