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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Adventurers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Adventurers

Share your joy for treasure this next Holiday season with some of these amazing items from our store

November is over, and that can only mean one thing! Here at Detector Power, we've been working tirelessly to offer our community, not only the best treasure hunting items there are in the market, but also, new insights on how to use them and which suit every type of hunter best.

Christmas is the time for gifts and showing your love. We have compillated some of the best and most affordable articles from our store in a special Holiday Gifts section, with deals that will allow you to gift the coolest and most reliable products for outdoor activities and treasure hunting there are.

To make things even more interesting, we prepared an Ultimate Gift Guide, which includes a list of items that range from beginner metal detectors to drones and also outdoor equipment, so you and your loved ones can experience new adventures this next Christmas!

Take a look at these recommendations!

Do not miss out on these Metal Detectors

For this list, we considered four metal detector models from two of the most popular brands from our store: GARRETT and Minelab. These are equipped with the most fundamental functions all entry-level detectors have and they're very affordable.

Even though they're not expensive, these detectors are built to last and they're not so hard to handle.

  • GARRETT Ace Apex: This very compelling model is what we call an all-rounder detector. Even though it's not fancy and voluptuous as other detectors, its versatility and portability make it a true reference for detectorists who are to begin their journey as treasure hunters. Comes equipped with high-res ground balance and a rechargeable battery.

  • Minelab Vanquish 440: For less than $300, you'll get a waterproof detector with multi-frequency capabilities to allow you to detect much, much more. Designed for all kinds of terrain, this Minelab metal detector is perfect for those who are looking to stay longer in their hunts. Comes equipped with a waterproof V10 Coil and knobs for audio control.

  • Minelab Equinox 800: The quintessential metal detector model from the Naperville-based brand, and second in line from the Equinox lineup, this is a device that represents Minelab's focus on innovation, ease-of-access and the use of technology to create powerful, useful products. Comes equipped with Multi-IQ, a function that allows for simultaneous use of different frequencies to find a specific kind of mineral underground.

  • GARRETT AT Max: A detector worth every dollar, the AT Max is GARRETT's take on waterproof treasure hunting for the masses. With premium functions like fine-tuned discrimination and a True All Metal Mode, which provides the greatest possible depth of detection and sensibility, by choosing this model, you'll be more than ready to hunt for gold and valuables wherever you go.
  • Our favorite Garmin smartwatches for this season

    Aside from our metal detector stock, our store includes items from outdoor and sports brands such as Garmin, which excels in creating products to give adventurers an edge on their quests. Their GPS systems are some of the most advanced and most robust there are on the market and they have come up with wearable products that make great use of their mapping technology.

    For this guide, we considered only two types of smartwatches from Garmin because of their prices and functions.

  • Garmin Instinct Tactical Edition (Coyote Tan): A fine competitor of the smartwatch arena, the Instinct watch is all about providing certainty in uncertain terrain. Military-grade quality and functionality, this watch is capable of withstanding wear and tear with its reinforced polymer case. Comes equipped with a 14-days-of-duration battery and various modes to provide information such as altitude, waypoints, and location (Military coordinate system)
  • Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE Black: Always thinking ahead, Garmin has also created a smartwatch focused on sports and athletic activities for those who love to train and exercise. The Forerunner watch comes equipped with functions such as the ability to connect to local LTE networks to help you stay in touch with the people you love without the need of a phone. Also featuring Gorilla Glass DX, assistance function for emergencies, Garmin coach and more.

  • Essential items to have fun outdoors

    This guide wouldn't be complete if we didn't include items for more general consumers who are looking to spend time outside these next Holidays creating new and exciting memories with their friends and families.

    Thinking about taking aerial pictures of your Holiday vacation? Or maybe you're going for a dive in one of your favorite beaches? Check these items out and pick yours!

    1. DJI Mavic Mini: The drone giant from Shenzhen, China created an adaptable, small but very reliable solution for photographers and creators around the world with the Mavic Mini. Capable of producing stunning imagery and with unparalleled stabilization technology, this little drone is truly a purchase you won't ever regret. Comes equipped with a 30-minute-flight-time battery and a 12-megapixel sensor, very fast camera for high definition in-motion shots.
    2. BLU3 Nemo Dive System: A compact dive system designed to draw air from the surface for you! Dive 10 feet underwater and enjoy beautiful ocean surroundings with the help of this incredible gadget that channels fresh air from above through its air hose. Comes equipped with a battery and a custom-designed compressor sealed to withstand saltwater.
    3. OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask: Divers love this mask. It's main feature is that it allows users to adapt their own regulators to it, removing the need for a mouthpiece, thus solving issues such as mouth fatigue, dry mouth and others. If you're thinking about going way down low underwater on Christmas with your friends, this mask might do the trick for you!
    4. Hurley Phantom Surf 9' Inflatable SUP: Paddle up the waves with the Hurley Phantom! This inflatable paddle board is your perfect companion on trips to the beach, lake, river and everything else in between. Its portability and speedy preparedness makes it an item worth buying if you're the type to enjoy being in the water more than anything else!

    And That's a wrap! At Detector Power, we love seeing our customers enjoy their time outdoors by having a blast with the kind of adventures they like!

    Feel the power this next Christmas with any of these items and don't forget to use our special discount codes if your purchase is eligible. See you soon!

    Get 10% off of your purchase using our special coupon code!

    Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

    Get Free Shipping for your order, in the US with a purchase worth $149 or more!

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