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Avant-Garde And Technology For The United States And Latam: 4 New Features Detector Poweryou Need To Know Right Now

Avant-Garde And Technology For The United States And Latam: 4 New Features Detector Poweryou Need To Know Right Now

We Detector Power celebrate that June has been a great month for us: a tour of Europe full of meetings with our suppliers allows us to incorporate into our offer high-quality detectors, created by brands with trajectory and great worldwide recognition.

Can you imagine having access to the best treasure hunting devices on the market, all at the best possible price? If this information interests you, read on and we will tell you four important news, four novelties that will make us your main ally when you go out looking for treasures.

Detector Power concrete alliance with Minelab, world leader in the creation and distribution of metal detectors:

With more than 30 years on the market, the world brand leader in the creation and distribution of metal detectors Minelab will now be our ally and all its products (including the new ones). GPZ 7000 y Gold Monster 1000), can be purchased from our sales channels.

The distribution of these products will be only within the United States and although we brand already have allies within the American country, their incorporation into our offer takes us to an even higher level in terms of quality and efficiency available to our customers.

We are official distributors of the brand German OKM company in the United States and Latin America:

Another excellent range of products that you can buy from our website are those belonging to the brandGerman OKM company. We Detector Power have managed to consolidate our position as your official distributor both in the United States and in Latin America.

The detectors OKM are characterized by facilitating the discovery of precious metals and treasures through systems of 3D floor scanners and even water detectors with various options, are modern devices, easy to operate and with worldwide prestige. Although its prices are high, the rate of success in each search is so high that it becomes a guarantee for its users.

Tero Vido and Ajax Detection: two new allies of Detector Power

Ajax Detection is one brand created in Turkey, with an offer based on metal detectors and 3D geolocators, with avant-garde design and high performance. This is a brand new one in the market and we will Detector Powerbe the first to guarantee its distribution in the United States and Latin America.

The last of the novelties that, up to now, it Detector Power presents for its clients, is the alliance with the company. Tero Vido of German origin. The depth metal detectors, also with 3D technology, will be distributed by us in the United States, with total exclusivity.

In this way, we Detector Power continue to add vanguard, quality, and effectiveness in our product offer. Become the best treasure hunter and decide for one of the many offers we have for you. Write us in our online chat! We attend you 24 hours a day, in English and Spanish.

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