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Low-Cost Detectors Created With Innovative Technology: The Value Proposition Of World Leader Minelab

Low-Cost Detectors Created With Innovative Technology: The Value Proposition Of World Leader Minelab

Economical and highly efficient detectors, leaders in the development of new technologies for the search for gold, and owners of the support of thousands of satisfied customers around the world: that is just the value proposition of Minelab, one of the most powerful brands of metal detectors in the market, with more than 30 years of trajectory.

What makes Minelab stand out so much from other brands? Its hand-held detectors have not only been used by consumers around the world but also in humanitarian demining projects and military work.

In addition, they have a strong presence in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, with customer service that meets high-quality standards, both online and offline, and the ISO 9000 certificate that supports Minelab's efforts to create only useful devices that help users find the treasures they crave.

"We change the fate of people by creating the best metal detectors in the world", is one of the phrases that brand highlights it on your website.

During June of this year, Detector Powerwe partnered with Minelab to incorporate all of its products into our offering, ensuring that our customers in the United States can also purchase Minelab detectors from our website.

But how are the products that established Minelab as the brand leader in metal detectors? If you are still at this point in the reading, read on: we will tell you the details of two-star products of the brand.

GPZ 7000 and Gold Monster 1000: More advanced levels in the quest for gold

Extreme depth (up to 40% deeper compared to other detectors), and a great sensitivity to find gold even in the remotest places, are two attractive features of the device. GPZ 7000 which can be loaded with one hand, and which has all the technology to ensure a new level of precious metal hunting.

Finding sub-grains and even "nuggets" of gold is possible thanks to the Super D coil that allows "finding the other one that others have lost", expresses the brand on its website. Finally, another great feature that makes the GPZ 7000 a really attractive product is the precision it provides in ground balancing, that is: in tracking the ground to find the metal that other detectors cannot pick up, regardless of the state of the ground space you are working in.

Another star product of the brand Gold Monster 1000 a universal and low-cost gold detector that very efficiently has all the technology for gold recovery, while loading the device with one hand and without inconvenience.

Added to the list of attributes is a high-speed 24-bit signal processor, automatic noise suppression, automatic ground balance, high sensitivity, a totally intuitive concept that guarantees the user a simple and always efficient handling, wide ground coverage, detection of all deep metals, and much more.

But you won't just find detectors in Minelab, it brand also offers its customers quality accessories and for different functions that you can purchase on the web, from anywhere in the world.

As on our website, Minelab has a section on its website dedicated exclusively to training its users through text and video content and links to its social network channels where communities actively participate focused on metal detection.

And if these devices seem incredible to you, wait until you know all the details of the Minelab Equinox 800, a detector that fits all targets, in all types of terrain.

Minelab Equinox 800: A Upper Level

It has Multi-IQ technology, high frequency (20/40 kHz), wireless audio accessories, and also incorporates advanced features such as Gold Mode, which allows more specific searches in any field.

That's the Equinox 800, one of the most sought-after devices by expert customers and newer ones that add to the fascinating world of treasure hunting every day.

What makes Equinox 800 different from other detectors? It has an audio processor that makes it an ideal choice for users with extreme hearing loss, is also lightweight, can be worn with both hands comfortably, has eight levels that match search needs, and Multi-IQ technology that makes it easy to find gold nuggets (are you interested in finding gold nuggets?). So, definitely, the Equinox 800 is for you).

We Detector Powercelebrate to win an ally that allows to impel our greatest target: to put in the hands of the people only products of quality under a great advantage: all the products of allied marks that are in our Web can be yours to a price much more accessible than in any other place.

Is gold discovery one of your targets for this year? Visit us on the web! We have an online chat that will attend you 24 hours a day and if you make a purchase over $299.99 you will enjoy the benefit of free shipping.
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