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Can a metal detector detect aluminum?

Can a metal detector detect aluminum?


31/08/2020 - AGENCIA

Metal detectors are devices that allow us to find metals effectively, but they also can find other elements that are not ferrous. If at any time you have doubts about what a metal detector can identify and what not and among them is aluminum, this post will clarify all the doubts.

This time we will explain why a metal detector does detect aluminum and why it often interferes with you when you are finding treasures.


The first thing is to understand how the metal detector works. These devices are not only composed of pieces capable of perceiving the magnetic field of an element. Thanks to the configuration of the coils, they can also detect the high conductivity of non-ferrous components, including gold and aluminum, for this reason, detectors can identify it.

If you want to know more about how metal detectors work, you can read our article that explains How do metal detectors work.


It is necessary to understand what the configuration of the metal detector is. Most are designed to detect different types of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous metals in addition to stainless steel.

Of these three categories, stainless steel has a minimum conductivity because it has different levels of sensitivity since it is a metal including an alloy. As for ferrous materials, they are the easiest to find because they have cast iron in their construction, and their conductivity is high. But they have little value since air and water rust more easily.

Finally, non-ferrous materials, which are the most sought after by amateurs for their value, are those that lack magnetic properties but have configurations and with a varied conductivity, and it is possible to find them.

Once the detector is configured according to the indicated material, you must use the individual search modes and a high frequency to find the aluminum.


Not all metal detectors are designed to find aluminum. It all depends on the functions of the equipment and how it is configured. In general, many metal detectors have the function of discrimination of metals and what is considered garbage. Since it is widespread to find aluminum cans, lids, and sheets with this material, it is not what we are looking for. Therefore, most metal detectors have the option of removing them from the search. But if you intend to find aluminum, you can leave this option aside and make the most of it.

Aluminum is an element that is found in large quantities in nature and the surrounding area when you search; it is prevalent to find parts and components made of it. It is also a false myth that aluminum blocks or prevents perfect scanning in metal detectors since it is easy to find because of its conductivity.

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