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The 7 Capital Rules Of Treasure Hunters

The 7 Capital Rules Of Treasure Hunters

Surely you have time wishing to begin your great treasure hunt and although we have all dreamed of living the adventures in the best Indiana Jones style and get the greatest wealth and hidden treasures, the truth is that first, we must bear in mind that there are rules that facilitate us not only to get our target and reach the bliss of gold but also help us not to destroy the place of the findings and maintain an affable relationship with our environment.

Next, we are going to offer you a code of ethics constituted with the 7 essential regulations so that as a good treasure hunter you can leave the best of impressions while using your metal detector in public and private spaces:

1. I will respect private and public property.

I will also respect all sites that contain historical and archaeological value in themselves and I will not perform metal detection at these sites without proper official permits.

2. I will stay informed

And I will obey all local and national laws regarding the discovery and reporting of treasures found according to the jurisdiction of the place where I am found.

Note We know that sometimes it can be difficult to access certain information but hey! If you don't know some of the laws applied to metal detectors in your country, read: What are the laws of treasure detection around the world?

3. I will always fill in all the excavations I make.

Helping to care for and protect in the lands where I have made the search for my targets and inheritance of our natural resources that are finite, wildlife, and private property.

4. I will not cause deliberate damage to property

Including enclosures, fences, signs, buildings, or whatever is left of ghost towns and abandoned urban structures.

5. I won't leave any garbage lying around.

I will not leave any junk discarded and will properly dispose of any garbage I find in my treasure hunt. Take good care of your environment, hygiene is also a fundamental part of it and always remember that a clean world is a healthy world.

6. I'll take any garbage I've produced with me

I will take all targets trash and excavated debris with me when I am finished with my activity and decide to leave the search area.

7. I will abide by the golden rule

Using good manners and behaving at all times in a manner that represents the prestige and public image of all people in the field of metal detection, which constitutes a large and rich community that play sport.

These standards are part of the code of ethics that is becoming increasingly popular among buried treasure hunters and archaeological clubs seeking to preserve the sport of metal detection.

Now that you know the code of ethics of treasure hunters you are more than ready to go out and explore the world and live great adventures while searching for hidden treasures.

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